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Win-TECH Software Design provides high quality low-cost software solutions to aid the design and maintenance of Industrial Automation communications systems. Based on the Microsoft Windows platform, applications are available to monitor data traffic on a serial or network link, providing extensive detailed information on and visibility into the operation of the communicating devices. Also available, are applications designed specifically for testing and simulating the modbus protocol. These applications allow you to quickly isolate problems and identify improper messaging behavior of a communications link. Each WinTECH application is designed to be simple to install, easy to use, and affordable. Thousands of dollars may be lost by an operating plant during the time it takes to implement or recover a lost data link. Reducing this time, by even a few minutes, would more than pay for the cost of the software.

WinTECH Software applications are useful, not only to the maintenence and service technicians, but are also widely used by other personnel within the enterprise. Our specialty is in providing low-cost full source code toolkits to support your development efforts in the implementation of custom modbus and/or OPC designs. These toolkits are widely used through-out industry, are robust & reliable, and represent the most cost-effective and timely way to get your application done, tested, and available to the marketplace.

(Now supporting Alarms & Events, Historical Data Access, and OPC 3.0)

The OPC Server and Client Toolkits from WinTECH Software Design were the first to be published with an openly documented API and made available as fully functional session-limited demos. Freely available via internet download, (, these toolkits consist of a Windows DLL that implements all required OPC Interfaces for OPC 1.0a, OPC 2.0 and OPC 3.0 Data Access as well as the Browse Interfaces and now Alarms & Events. A very simple programmer's interface is presented that allows a user to quickly generate a working Server and/or Client application using his own data in a very short time. Applications generated with the demo toolkits may be verified for reliability and interoperability with other OPC applications prior to making a purchase decision. Very economically priced, each toolkit is available as a Rapid Developers Kit or as Full Source Code. Feel free to download the toolkits at:, or for additional information, please e-mail:

To find out how WinTECH Software may be of service to your organization, please browse the sections below.


Seamlessly distribute real-time information across a PC network using modbus to TCP/IP utility applications. Now, multiple users may access data from a single, (or multiple), modbus connection(s). Previously, data from a modbus slave device was dedicated to a single modbus master. Distribution of this data had to occur at a much higher level, (within the DCS or network host system), requiring a greater degree of design complexity and sometimes making it difficult for a casual user to acquire access to the data. Simple requirements, (such as capturing data into a spreadsheet for example), might have required that a custom application be developed which could not be justified on a one-time basis. Now, any PC connected to the network may have instantaneously access to the data. What's more, all network communications occur without making any changes to the existing slave device(s), so your initial harware investment is maintained.

Engineering Management

Reduce Time-to-Market using WinTECH source code toolkits. Why re-invent the wheel? WinTECH Software can supply source code for implementing the modbus protocal on a Windows PC, (including support for modem and network connections). These toolkits are proven reliable, (several have been ported to other platforms), and greatly reduce the time it takes to implement a new design. For those of you who program using Visual Basic, WinTECH Software recommends its OCX control. Again, time-to-market is a big advantage, and the quicker you can assemble a working design, the better off you'll be, (assuming the reliablility is built-in).

Research & Development

Reverse engineer undocumented protocols using serial and/or network monitors. Often, documentation for a given design is not always up to the current revision of the code. When this happens, there is only one way to make sure if a device is operating correctly and that is to monitor the conversation. Hardware solutions for monitoring a serial connection are available, but often cost thousands of dollars. WinTECH's Listen application is available for a fraction of that cost, is much easier to use, and generally supplies you with all the data you need to isolate a problem. For network connections, the WinTECH Socket Spy series of applications may be used to test and trace the operation of various communications programs running on a PC. These include such common applications as internet browsers and e-mail. Since you have access to all data passed back and forth between the target application and the Windows Sockets Library, you can quickly identify conditions which return errors--you can even set breakpoints to halt the execution of the target program based on the occurrance of some logic condition.

Quality Management

Production testing of modbus slave devices is easily accomplished using the built-in scripting capabilities of ModScan. This modbus master simulator may be configued to execute a series of tests and automatically log the results to disk. Slave devices may be tested for comformance to the modbus specification by checking the responses made to a predefined set of queries. Long-term, (burn-in), and performance testing may be configured by running the test in a repetitive loop.

System Integration

Systems engineers responsible for integrating devices from different manufactures often are faced with the need to do either conformance testing of a device or to simulate the operation of a device in lieu of having the physical device to test. WinTECH applications may be used to simulate either end of the modbus conversation. This allows devices to be tested as they become available, and also helps to identify non-conformance of the system during integration.

Service & Support

After the initial installation, an Automation communications system may run for an extended period of time without failure. Unfortunately, when it does fail, it usually chooses the most inopportune moment, (like the day before you're to leave on vacation or after a power-failure when EVERYTHING is down). During times like these, all the help you can get is appreciated. It's not the time to begin evaluating test software or trying to call and get the activation codes to enable software that's been laying around for several months. If you're responsible for a system, find the best tools available to troubleshoot it, buy the tools, learn how to use them, and be prepared. Because sooner or later you're going to need them.

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